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The You-ish project was started in mid-June of 2023 and is currently a very small business. I am certainly open to suggestions and we appreciate your patience. The idea was sparked when I found myself constantly struggling to find a good gift for birthdays and the holidays. I looked for a gift that would accurately reflect how special these people were in my life, but I could never quite find the right thing. That's when I had the idea to make a card game. I noticed there was no convenient way to customize a game so I decided to change that. You-ish is a fun, dynamic card game that appeals to all audiences. 




Creator of You-ish

My name is Louis Goldberg and I'm currently a senior in high school in the Bronx. I've always loved making games but this is the first game I've created that I've tried to publish and sell. Games have always been an important thing in my life and in my family's life as they connect people from all different generations. Games inspire healthy competition and build memories that are never lost. Similarly, giving personalized gifts allows us to show how much we appreciate the people around us. I've developed You-ish as a way to spread joy and to help people to connect. 


Store Manager

Taylor Quill has been a valued member of our team since the beginning. They are a key part in ensuring that we provide high-quality products and that each customer receives the best service possible.

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